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General Assembly 2018

The 17th General Assembly of UCESM
was held in Rome on February 3-4, 2016

The Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the 39 member Conferences of UCESM discussed the
prospects for the future of UCESM from the topic: «UCESM – Memory and Prophecy».
The presentation by Fr. Mariano Sedano Sierra cmf, former UCESM-Councillor (2008-2016),
of the history of UCESM – UCESM: 35 years in service of religious in Europe – and the reports of
Fr. Bruno Secondin o.carm, professor emeritus of spirituality at the Gregoriana in Rome,
– Present challenges of/to consecrated life in Europe – and Fr. Alessandro Perrone rcj,
Councillor at CICLSAL and CISM (Italian Conference of men Major Superiors), – The prospects
to cope with the challenges of religious life in Europe
– helped and guided the participants through
their reflections.
The attendees elected a new Executive Committee for a four-year term (2016-2020):
beside Fr. Giovanni Peragine crsp (I) who has been reelected as President, they opted for
Sr. Danièle Faltz dcn (L) as Vice-President, Sr. Hedvig Deák op (H) as councillor and Fr. Nicolaï
Dubinin ofm conv (RU) as councillor.