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At its meeting of June 7-10, 2016, in Luxembourg, the Executive Committee of UCESM appointed Sr. Marjolein Bruinen op (Dominican Sister of Bethany) from the Netherlands as new Secretary General of UCESM for a four-year-mandate, in place of Sr. Josyane Cluzel (Sister of Christ) who had been called back to France by her congregation in August 2015.
Trained teacher, Sister Marjolein, who had entered the congregation in 1976, has been for many years director of the Children’s Village of the Dominicans of Bethany in Germany and in Italy (Bracciano). In 1995, she found herself in Riga (Latvia) to set up a community where she remained until 2009.
After a sabbatical half-year in the United States in 2011, Sister Marjolein was re-elected member of the general council and appointed secretary-general of the Dominicans of Bethany.
She speaks many languages: Dutch, German, English, Italian, Latvian, Papiamento.