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On 29-31 October, the Executive Committee and the General Secretariat of UCESM, arriving from their different locations (Latvia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium), met with Sr. Krista Chládková, President of the Czech KVPŽŘ, and Sr. Vojtěcha Zikešová, Vice-President of KVPŽŘ and UCESM-councillor, in Vranov to prepare our upcoming General Assembly on 15-20 April 2024 on the spot. The facilitator for this GA, Fr. Grzegorz Dobroczyński, joined the meeting from Poland.
The Convent of the Minim Fathers in Vranov is a beautifully-located large house with all the necessary facilities, where we undoubtedly will have a pleasant gathering.
After many discussions, especially about the programme of the GA, we met with Bishop Pavel Konzbul in Brno and visited some interesting places which we will see with participants in April; this will give them the opportunity to get an insight into the richness of religious life in the Czech Republic.




On their way to the meeting in Vranov, Sr. Marjolein Bruinen, UCESM-Secretary General, and her assistant Nicole Jacqué stopped in Vienna to visit Fr. Zsolt Labancz, former president of UCESM. He was transferred from Hungary to Vienna more than one year ago, where he now holds the position of Provincial Superior of the Piarist Fathers. These were very pleasant days, during which they were able to enjoy his international community and the city of Vienna. And, of course, many memories were recalled!