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During the General Assembly in Snagov in March 2018, the Executive Committee noticed that an important question concerning the functioning of UCESM existed: “How could UCESM promote collaboration between national Conferences and with other institutions?”
The Committee decided to hold two days of study – even as a preparation for the next General Assembly to be held in March 2020 in Roggenburg/Germany.
29 participants, including members of the Committee, the Secretariat and delegates from 15 national Conferences, met in the Seraphicum in Rome from 16 to 18 January 2019.
Guided by Fr. Mariano Sedano Sierra cmf, for many years councillor of UCESM, and our own President Fr. Zsolt Labancz, and with the help of the management consultant Janos Matolcsy from Hungary, everyone worked hard. They were inspired to do so by the presentations of Father Mariano (on the history of UCESM), of Cardinal Aquilino Bocos Merino cmf from Spain (on religious life in Europe) and of Sister Mercedes Casas Sánchez fsps from CICLSAL, former President of CLAR.
Working in plenary, with the help of two interpreters – Italian and English -, but also widely in small groups, we found some suggestions for moving forward. All participants were very pleased with the work, but certainly also about the friendly contacts during these study days.
Thanks to the Holy Spirit, who has guided us, and to all of us!
Let us move forward on the road to a stronger consecrated life in Europe!
We will inform you about the following steps!